White Park Dales Senior Center Renovation

White Park Dales Senior Center Featured Image

White Park Dales Senior Center

In the White Park Dales Senior Center project, CALTEC performed staff labor as well as supervised the work of subcontractors in various trades. The project highlighted CALTEC’s expertise in managing a multi-discipline contract.

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Prior to start of construction, CALTEC coordinates document processing that includes shop drawings, a materials list and work schedule, all included in our project submittals. CALTEC obtains all necessary permits and identifies necessary inspections required for the project. Part of our pre-construction process is to coordinate General Requirements and address logistic issues such as Temporary Construction Fencing, Temporary Power, Temporary Water and Temporary Sanitation Stations. CALTEC prepares and issues any Contractor’s RFIs for items we or our subcontractors encounter.


Mobilization generally starts the construction phase. Standard work phases include the following:

  • Clearing and Grubbing and selective demolition
  • Grading, excavation, trenching, backfill and compaction for concrete walkways, plumbing, electrical and other utilities
  • Installation of drainage system
  • Preparation of subfloor per project specification and manufacturer’s specifications
  • Installation of flooring; metal fabrication, insulation, acoustic ceiling
  • Installation of tile, wall panel, windows, lath and plaster, HVAC system, ductwork
  • Installation of doors, trim, carpentry, millwork, caulk and sealants
  • Installation of lath and plaster, gypsum board, hardware, sheet metal and flashing
  • Installation of ceiling, toilet accessories, compartments, food service equipment
  • Design, build and permit for fire sprinkler system
  • Installation of HVAC, drainage, water, plumbing, fixtures, electrical
  • Installation and rerouting of irrigation impacted by new paving to provide head to head coverage of existing landscape areas
  • Installation of signage
  • Installation of landscaping
  • Disposal of excess soil excavated for foundations as directed by the project inspector
  • Preparation and submittal of, and compliance with, the SWPPP per the terms of the General Construction Activity Stormwater Permit
  • Saw-cut, removal and patch-back of existing pavement as necessary to install new conduit runs
  • Repair of all wear and tear as a result of construction activity to all existing improvements

When finished with a project, CALTEC performs routine testing and final clean-up activities leading to Substantial Completion status. Upon Substantial Completion, we provide any spare parts, turn-over items, record drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, data and guarantees to the owner’s representative. Our stellar labor and material warranty goes into effect from the date of Substantial Completion.


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